Frankenstein: Novel to 1931 Film

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Frankenstein Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is one of the classic novels of the 19th century and considered by some to be the first actual work of science fiction. The plot of the story is that an aspiring scientist, Dr. Victor Frankenstein, reanimates a corpse and afterwards the monster takes revenge on his neglectful creator. The books popularity and influence has led to a long string of movies and adaptations. The most recognizable of these films is the 1931 Frankenstein starring the horror icon Boris Kosloff. The director, John Whale, and his staff made several changes to the story in order to create more cinematic material. The resulting movie has changes to Dr. Frankenstein, his monster and scenes. Dr. Frankenstein is modified in the 1931 film adaptation. The first notable difference is that Dr. Frankenstein does not work alone; he is helped by an assistant named Fritz. Together, the two work on the experiment which removes the theme of loneliness and how it can affect someone. In the movie, he does not have brothers nor does it mention Elizabeth, whom he is engaged to before the experiment, is his adopted sister. Frankenstein is never believed to be a murderer in the film and his father is the town magistrate who supports him in killing the monster as opposed to Frankenstein going to fight the monster mano y mano. The end of the movie results in Elizabeth and Frankenstein getting married while the book ends in tragedy for all. An interesting note is that he is not named Victor; instead, he is named Henry and has a friend named Victor. Frankenstein’s monster is also changed in the movie. His skin color is depicted as green whereas in the novel it is of a yellowish hue. Another interesting difference is that in the film he is lumbering and moronic instead of agile and intelligent; however, he still has superhuman strength. The monster becomes evil almost
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