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‘Playing God’… What does that mean? God, in Christianity is seen as being the ultimate power. If I was ‘playing God’ would it mean that I would have the power to make decisions that would seriously affect other people’s lives? Sometimes doctors are accused of ‘playing God’, because they can decide if a patient gets a lifesaving operation or not. So if someone is ‘playing God’ it means they have the power over life and death. In the film Blade Runner, directed by Ridely Scott and the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, the ethics and consequences of having the power over life and death; ‘playing God’, are brought into question. Tyrell, a robotic designer in ‘Blade Runner’ creates robotic humans, the Nexus 6, which are indiscernible from a human, they have a four year life span. Victor Frankenstein creates life in the form of a Monster, whom he later wishes to destroy. Both men are…show more content…
We are shown his magnificent pyramid in the sky, high above the city where everyone else lives, he lives like a God. His home is bathed in sunlight, sunlight that doesn’t reach the world below. From this scene onwards this motif of light is used to highlight religious symbolism, for example, when Roy shuts down, a bright white light comes from behind him, as if he is a portrayal of Jesus, brought to life and killed for mankind’s sake. Yet, even then, even when Roy is asking for more life in threatening tones, right before he kills Tyrell, Tyrell doesn’t even flinch. He has no guilt for what he has done to the Nexus 6, he is so corrupt with money and power like the rest of the world that he sees taking their lives as nothing and his right. He says, “Roy, look at you: you’re the prodigal son, you’re quite the prize!” from this quote we know that Tyrell sees the replicants as objects, an invention that earned him a lot of money. He is ‘playing God’ and he has no qualms about it, unlike Victor

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