Four Functions Of Management

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Four function of Management MGT/330 December 18, 2011 Scott Coffman To fully understand the functions of management, management must be defined first. It gives you the opportunity to know all about the management of an organization. Management is using limited resources of a company to achieve their goals and to increase its productivity. A good manager will incorporate these goals by involving their employees and using these functions to guide their decisions. Management is the act of getting people together to acquire a desired goal. The four functions of management are; planning, which is an act of formulating a program for a specific course of action. Organizing is where you arrange a desired pattern or structure. Leading, is acknowledging the most important role or performer and last but not least controlling, which is when you exercise authority or express a dominating influence over a job. There are more than four functions to managing. These functions are the main ones that are used all the time. Planning is a course of action and is a process in itself that consist of several steps. When you break down the planning function you have strategic, tactical, and operational planning. Each of these functions makes up the planning function that coordinates the planning process of management. Organizing is a function that involves an organizational structure and allocating human resource to make sure the objective is accomplished. Organizing is much more than making sure departments is doing what they are supposed to do. Organizing also departmentalizes to get the most effectively use of human resources. Organizing helps the job to go smoothly and allows for the project to get finished on time or before. It also helps the employee to achieve the most out of the information that they are getting to finish the project. Leading involves
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