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Formerly Unsober by John Bowe This narrative story is about John’s formerly unsober life. Two days before his forty-fourth birthday in 2008 while out on a run in the woods John was taken over with the thought that he was done. He recalls thinking “I am ready to be happier now”, and he spent his birthday sober. John took his last sip of alcohol many months later when a friend offered a quarter glass of thirty year port, that he could not resist, but said was delicious and in the end he regretted it. John was unhappy as child, his life started that way, however there was a little piece of him that felt he would be happy when got older. John had his first taste of alcohol at the age of ten. He did not recall how it felt, but did recall his father, who was in A.A. at the time, yelling: “You can’t drink! I’m an alcoholic. My father was an alcoholic!” John’s says that he sort of listened but eventually forgot as time passed. He experimented with various drugs as well, some for personal exploration, some to see why others were doing it. Drugs were never John’s thing and by this thirties he was a regular, heavy drinker.…show more content…
Drinking moderately with friends, having dinner, he made sure however to never become the out of control alchie, as no one likes the annoying, obnoxious drunk. Over time he drank more and more by himself, becoming secluded and dependent. Withdrawing from his friends based on the realizations of his dependency, he became paranoid his neighbors would know the secret when they heard the clanking of the bottles in the trash bags as he carried them to the recycling bin. Alcohol seemed to mask, cover the feeling he had lingering inside, his unhappiness and uneasiness with himself, others and life in general. His life as he stated had just “stalled”, he was not married, did not have kids, had no legal issues and was

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