Drinking And Driving In Arizona Research Paper

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Driving under the influence of alcohol is like taking a gun and aiming it at someone for no reason. You never know what or whom you’re going to hit. You are not only endangering your own life, but the lives of many others. Arizona laws are in place so that if you do get behind a wheel and take the chance of killing yourself or someone else that you may get pulled over and get a second chance, so to speak. If you get pulled over in Arizona while under the influence of alcohol you will be taken to jail, and you will have your license suspended for at least a year. “For one of every 120 miles driven in Arizona in 1999, a person with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) >.08 sat behind the wheel. Police in Arizona reported 7,756 crashes involving…show more content…
He did not typically drive when he was intoxicated, but I am glad that no one was hurt. I am glad that he was charged with a DUI offense. He just recently had his license suspended in May of 2006. His penalty for driving drunk was the minimum for Arizona state laws. He had to serve a few days in “tent city” (Hill, Jim, 1999), he had his driver’s license suspended for one year, and he has had to take a few hours of alcohol related courses. He also has had to pay fines to the city and his lawyer. He no longer has a vehicle because it was totaled during the accident that occurred while he was driving intoxicated. Kevin is lucky because he can still work and he has family that can provide him with transportation to and from work. Although, I think Kevin has learned his lesson, I am glad that Arizona has laws in place that will prevent him from being able to drive for one year. However, I think our laws need to be more severe. I would vote for an “Ignition Interlock” system (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2002) installed on the vehicle of every person who has had a DUI after his or her license has been suspended for a least a year. When the driver’s license is reinstated, they should have to pay a fee to have this device installed in their car before they drive anywhere…show more content…
In 1995, there were a total of 6,992 DUI arrests, and in 2005 there were 7,942 DUI arrests. In 1998, there were 9,562 DUI arrests (Phoenix Police Department, 2005). So, the number of arrests is starting to come down. I don’t know if this is because there are less drunk drivers or because our laws have become stricter. I do know that Robert Targosz’s death has made the local police officers more aware that our laws need to be more severe and more actions need to be put in place to help stop drunk drivers from ever getting into the vehicle in the first

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