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Darrien Burks Film Evaluation Essay The Karate Kid movie from year 2010 is an action/adventure movie. It is also a remake of The Karate Kid from 1984. The film stars Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith.” When Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) and his mother move from Detroit to China, Dre feels lost in a world very different from what he knows. Bullied and beaten up by some fellow students in his school, Dre is rescued by his apartment building’s handyman, Mr. Ham (Jackie Chan), a man who is mourning a devastating loss. Mr. Han takes pity on Dre and agrees to teach him Kung Fu to defend himself. Training together, teacher and student learn to trust each other, and ultimately form a friendship that heals them both” (DVD case). The main characters in this film are very much well developed. The story line and plot is very easy to follow and it is interesting throughout the whole movie. Dre’s motivation is to learn self-defense so his fellow classmates who are bullying him will leave him alone. Mr. Han’s motivation is to teach Dre self-defense and to also get over his great loss. The minor characters are Sherry Parker, Dre’s mom, Mei Ying, Dre’s crush, Cheng, the main antagonist/bully and Master Li, the Kung Fu teacher of the students bullying Dre. Sherry’s motivation is her son, she is very protective of Dre and wants to see him happy. Mei Ying’s motivation is also Dre, she quickly befriended him and also has a crush on Dre. Cheng’s motivation is Mei Ying and Dre. He does not like them together and will continue to bully Dre every time he sees him. Master Li’s motivation is his title. He has a reputation for teaching his students very advanced Kung Fu. He teaches his students to have no mercy on their opponents. The audience gets a good sense of Mr. Han’s background. Every time Dre ask Mr. Han about his family he gets defensive. Eventually the audience finds out that he lost

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