Summary: In The Time Of The Butterflies

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Stedmon Parker 1 April 2011 HIS 201 In the Time of the Butterflies Las Mariposas Throughout the course of human history men have given way to their base primitive instincts in an effort to hoard and consolidate power. Moral and philosophical, even religious and scientific studies demonstrate that holding despotic rulers as a adumbration for the nature of man is a flawed method of attempting to understand humanity as a whole. However, it cannot be denied the power is often the only necessary catalyst for corruption. Similar to any addiction, once started down that dark road acquisition becomes the law of the land. Adhering to the trite caricature of most despots Rafael Trujillo is a man who employs cruelty and fear to preserve…show more content…
Raised by their father to respect and revere the dictator Trujillo Minerva Mirabal develops a natural suspicion of such blatant authoritarianism. These misgivings are further consolidated when she meets a friend at school who informs her that Rafael Trujillo is secretly disposing of anyone who speaks out against him. The film and the movie portray this scenario very similarly as it is one of the scenes that will sow the seeds of future rebellion in Minerva. This is the first time that Minerva starts to think that Rafael Trujillo’s benignant disposition may be little more than a facade use to dissuade public accusations of cruelty. A subtle difference between the film and the movie involves the imprisonment of Enrique Mirabal. In the novel Minerva carries money to his illegitimate family after inadvertently discovering he had been involved in an affair. During his questioning at the hands of Trujillo’s torturer Enrique surrenders his sanity to the pain and dies shortly after being freed by the Minerva’s wager with Trujillo. In both instances however Minerva’s gamble is ultimately useless as Trujillo’s cruel prank prevents her from actually using the diploma she received from law school. It does however put Minerva in touch with underground
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