Fiddler on the Roof Analysis

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Ryan Bergio FA207 10/04/2013 Fiddler on the Roof Response (In the form of a letter…) Dear Mother, Last Tuesday, I attended a production of the musical Fiddler on the Roof put on by Portland Center Stage. Although attending this performance was required for class, I would have willingly attended had the idea been brought up to me in another fashion. As a minor fan of musical theater, I was excited to hear that we would be attending such a well known production that I had not seen before and I was not disappointed. This production was consistently entertaining and besides only a few things, which I couldn’t help but notice, I was kept fully engaged in the story. For this reason, I would highly recommend you head out and see this production of Fiddler on the Roof. I guess I will start with the relatively negative parts of my show-going experience. I say “relatively” because I hardly even noticed these negative aspects. At one point, just before intermission I believe, an audience members phone started ringing with that generic iPhone ringtone, and for about three seconds I was distracted. However, it was nice to see that most other audience members were not paying any attention to the iPhone and were assumedly just as engaged in the play as I was. It’s a shame when that kind of stuff happens, but all you can do is try to re-engage yourself, which I was able to do in just a couple of seconds. A couple of other small things that slightly disengaged me were seeing the orchestra conductors head just above the stage, and noticing the accent change in a few cast members’ singing voices. Occasionally when a character would come close to the front of the stage, my peripheral vision would pick up the orchestra directors head and I would get distracted from the play and think about director related things for a moment. Similar to this, when some cast members would start

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