Howard Dietz's You And The Night And The Music

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This is a jazz rehearsal at Miami Dade Wolfson. This series is funded, in part, with the support of the Miami Dade County Department of cultural affairs council, the Miami Dade county mayor and board of county commissioners through the Hannibal Cox, Jr. Cultural grants program. Performing artist include; Ed Calle playing the saxophone; Mike Di Liddo playing the Guitar; Jim Gasior on the Piano; Rick Doll playing Bass; and Rodolfo Zuniga on the drums. Plus, Madeline Pumariega, President Dr. Thomas Meyer, Dean of Academic Affairs; and Dr. Rosa Mayorga, Chair, Department of Arts and Philosophy of the Wolfson Campus for their continued support. To begin, I felt that the instrumentalists all performed pretty well even though it was just a rehearsal before the concert. The composers were able to play each of their individual instruments good enough that the compositions they performed were in tune and it sounded as though we were actually in the real concert that they performed later that day. “You And The Night And The Music” is a song composed by Arthur Schwartz with lyrics by Howard Dietz debuted on November 28, 1934; “Summertime” was composed by George Gershwin for the 1935 opera Porgy and Bess, re-harmonized by Mike Di Liddo; “I Feel Fine” song written by John Lennon Paul McCartney…show more content…
From my experience when I attend a recital, the audience usually is involved with the performers and sometimes you cannot even hear the artist performing whatever they prepared. The environment of that recital is of complete silence from the audience, I felt as though it would probably be an insult to the composers if anybody was to speak while they were performing. This was a good experience for me because I actually got an opportunity to really hear what they were performing and appreciate what the composers worked really hard

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