Fedex Case Analysis

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FedEx Case Analysis 1. How do the standards set by Fred Smith for FedEx teams improve organizational performance? Smith restructured FedEx by focusing on the team approach to improve productively. Smith advocated a team is composed of several members or a larger team composed by a number of small teams together to complete objectives rather than an employee alone to accomplish. In addition, in the completion of improving team performance, an effective incentive is undoubtedly an important tool to encourage them. The monthly Circle of Excellence award is given to the best FedEx station. This is why the golden package can be delivered on time. 2. What motivates the members of FedEx to remain highly engaged in their teams? FedEx formulated a shift from the traditional leader-centered to the team-centered leadership approach. The employees were allowed to have the freedom to express in the organization. Effective communication not only can guarantee the exchange and information sharing, but also can promote the exchange of feelings and ideas between team members, which are eventually develop the team performance. Moreover, Smith encouraged his teams to think innovatively by creating a “job-secure environment”. Employees felt comfortable to work under this atmosphere. 3. Describe the role FedEx managers play in facilitating team effectiveness. First, the CEO Smith has restated the leadership from a rigid hierarchy of command-and-control philosophy to the team approach. Employees are allowed to obtain the flexibility and freedom so that they move quickly and help FedEx remain the dominant overnight delivery service over the world. In addition, executive teams have been given opportunities to create and grant more teams by providing them the authority and the responsibility to make the changes to enhance the productivity. A good example from the case is

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