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FE 2021: Management Accounting Semester: Intake February 2012 Module Lecturer: Gavin Chong Coursework Component 1 Learning outcomes 5,6,7: Learning outcome assessed 5. demonstrate an ability to analyse and evaluate information in a business context using management accounting techniques Skills for life and work (general skills) 6. work in a small group 7. produce an effective management report Weighting Assignment Preparation of the assignment: groups and time management 40% Case Study You should form a group with one other person and each of you should analyse and evaluate information in the case study. You should write a joint report, based on your findings. Maximum word limit Submission deadline To be handed in to 2,500 words…show more content…
When you undertake accounting exercises you practise accounting. When you work with case studies individually or in groups - you appraise situations, analyse problems and use a range of ideas and models in doing so. You develop solutions and practice - in safe, low-risk ways. Case studies may be paper-based - fictional or real. When on placement or on a visit, live case situations present themselves. Case studies present themselves each time you read the Business press, have a row with an associate, buy a new pair of jeans, eat out in a restaurant. Some case studies are simple (one paragraph). The complex Harvard-type case covers corporate situations with many elements and data to analyse. How to tackle a case study?     Read it thoroughly - making notes of key points. Use a highlighter pen! Read early to absorb the issues of the case study and give yourself thinking time. Discuss it with colleagues - have a meeting on it. Chart the key issues - using a white board or flip-chart. This enables you to stand back from the situation. Everyone in the group can "see" what has been covered. Keep your objective in mind - ie the case study will be preparation for a class discussion, an assignment or the focus of a presentation you must make. The Classic Problem Solving…show more content…
The electronic component makes a consistent 45% gross margin. However, the managing director is still dissatisfied with the current profitability level and felt that more could be done to enhance profitability. The upstream end of the distribution chain had been studied that concluded that the supply costs are at optimal level. So there is no practical possibility of further managing activities to reduce cost. The management accountant suggested exploring the avenue of managing downstream activities and that it might provide possibilities of improvement of profitability. The managing director was elated with this suggestion and commissioned the management accountant to explore the suggested

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