Pttlls City & Guilds Assignment 1

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City and Guilds 6303 PTLLS Assignment one. 1. Give a definition of ground rules: Ground rules are a set of agreed rules between a group of students. Rules that will encourages respect and good behavior within the group. They will give learners a firm boundary to work within, help them understand their roles and responsibilities both as a group and themselves. They are a set of rules that can be referred to should any bad feelings or disagreements arise. They are a medium in which to encourage team work in the desire to reach a common goal. 2. Explain how you would establish (set up?/negotiate) ground rules with your learners: To establish a set of ground rules I would open up a discussion with the learners encouraging them to think how ground rules can be a positive thing. Indicating that ground rules give guide lines on good behavior and encourage respect for others. I would then ask a class that had been put into small groups to discuss ground rules and write down any they agreed on and thought were pertinent to the environment. After they had discussed within their groups I would ask them to stand and communicate their thoughts to the other learners and begin to write down the rules the learners agree upon. The different groups would probably have at least one rule written down the same anyway for example punctuality. At the end of the small groups communication to the group as a whole there should have been enough discussion to find common ground and rules learners agree on and probable that separate groups have written down the same rules all be it in a different way to be included in the list. Other rules that are suggested can be discussed and agreed upon before being included or disregarded. A final set of rules can then be drawn up for referral to during the course. 3. Give some examples of ground rules appropriate to your
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