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How does the film Fast and Furious convey generic codes and conventions? The genre of the Fast and Furious franchise is set between action and crime thriller. The first two films mostly cover crime within the street racing community by portraying their view to the audience, by engaging them with fast cars and the thrill of racing. This gives the audience the chance to view these types of characters as protagonists instead of stereotypical antagonists. The narrative of the franchise is very basic, however is easily enjoyable for the audience with the use of humorous one-liners by certain characters. Some of characters are quite stereotypical for this type of genre, for example Vin Diesels character Dominic Toretto is described as "a gruff but affectionate father to his loyal pack of rebels, providing them with barbecues, protection, and a rough moral code to live by." In contrast to his estranged relationship with his father, Dominic is shown to "put family first" and be very protective of Mia. He is also implied to be religious, insisting that all members in a dinner table say grace and that the first person to take a bite must bless the meal. In The Fast and the Furious, Dominic's violent behavior dates back to a traumatic incident during his teenage years, when his father, a stock car racer, was killed in a drag race after his rival accidentally collided with him. Enraged by his father's death, Dominic attacked the rival driver with a torque wrench and left him hospitalized with severe head injuries. Dominic served time in juvenile hall for the assault. He nearly replicates the action while fighting Hobbs in Fast Five, only to miss Hobbs' head by an inch when Mia begs him to stop. In Fast Five, Dominic recalls the influence his father had on him. After helping Mia with her homework everyday and sending her to bed, he would stay up late reading the next

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