Fashion Trends in the 1920's

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Fashion Trends of the 1920’s The 1920’s were a major time in history. They were soon named the “roaring twenties”. They got this name by all the major changes that happened during this time period. The 20’s were such a joyful, exciting time of industrial, political and cultural growth. During this time period women started becoming more free and developed fashion trends. This time period changed history forever. Before the 1920’s there was not “fashion”. The 20’s changed everything; it changed the modest look of the past generations. Women started changing, their style was referred to as revealing and flamboyant. Women raised the hemlines to just below the knee, started having shorter hair and wearing makeup. Trends such as lengthy gem bracelets, bobbed hair, cloche hats and thin knee-high dresses were very popular during this time. The 1920’s incorporated shorter styles with pleats, slits and gathers allowing for more freedom. The corsets and bustles of previous eras were replaced with camisoles, bloomers or a chemise. Trends not only changed for women but as well as men and children also. Men’s and children’s styles changed but not as much as the women’s. Men’s fashion relied heavily on athletic uniforms. In the 20’s men wore sports jackets and suits. Their suits were double breasted with two or three buttons. The men would normally wear pants with a natural waistline. Their pants would often have cuffs at the end. The men would usually have pocket watches chained to their vests as their accessory. Their outfits were based on the major sports of that era, which include tennis and golf. This brought the trendy style of sweaters, high socks, a pair of linen knickers and a bow tie. Men often would wear hats with these outfits. In 1923 hats began to change brims began to disappear and hats took more of a helmet-like appearance. The main style of hats worn were a

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