Fanthorpe's Poem

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Fanthorpe’s Poem and Death Of A Salesman Fanthorpe’s poem “You Will Be Hearing From Us Shortly” portrays the ideas of intolerance and discrimination through the event of an interviewer looking down in repugnance at an adverse interviewee. The author utilizes tone to portray the prejudice attitude of the interviewer towards the job seeker as the tone shifts from seemingly being pragmatic at the beginning and then moving to a more audacious and insolent tone as the poem progresses. In Act 2 of Death of a Salesman Willy Loman’s devastating “business” visit and his experience with Howard compares to the event that occurred in the poem as they both reveal discourteous behavior shown by their superiority. Though the word choice of this poem may seem polite, the continuous use of language filled with prejudice towards the interviewee reveals a tone of sarcasm and incivility. When interviewing the candidate, the interviewer decides to begin by referring to the job seeker as an “adequate” individual reveals to the reader that the employee has already made up his mind that the applicant does not meet the standards for his attempted position. He goes on in line 2 referring to his “qualities”, and if he has any to offer at all, which shows that the interviewer feels that his applicant is a inadequate failure. The uncouth comments and impressions made by the interviewer allows the reader to perceive that the man has already made up his mind on what to think of the applicant and so, he continues to bring a prejudice attitude on the candidate because he holds the power to do as he wishes. In addition, the interviewer feels a sense of authority and dominance over the applicant as seen through the use of rhetoric and crude remarks which reveals the unnecessary usage of illogical bigotry. The interviewer portrays his rude- like behavior when referring to the applicant’s looks as
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