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The narrators from Famine suggest that food has impacted her live and can relate to specific memories from their respective pasts. The female protagonist of Famine regrets her past of missed opportunities while lamenting the memories of her relationship with her deceased parents, and eats her way to self-discovery, as well as self-destruction. While it is true that food is the catalyst of many problems in the lives of Xi the female protagonists, she still used food to guide the reader through recollections from her past to better understand why she has regrets in her life. Marxism Criticism can be determined that the short story revolves off of issues that were socially. Xi character wanted to force herself to life the dream her parents wanted her to, even though that wasn’t what she desired, which results to her having a break down because she isn’t satisfied with herself. Xi used her title to her short story to contrast against the narrator relationship with food at the time in which the story was taking place. The protagonist of Famine has spent her entire life within the boundaries of her parent’s limited opulence-free lifestyle. Now, though, the days have come when the protagonist can finally enjoy the luxury she was taught to be ashamed of. She relishes in the lavish lifestyle of which she always dreamed, while dining “like the Romans” at the Plaza in New York City (Xi). The protagonist’s decisions to eat both lavishly and in excess are indirect juxtaposition with the title that reflects the strict virtues ingrained in her by her parents. Even though the narrator wants to let go of a past regret and realize that this is so, she has problems moving on. However, the food she has always longed for only reminds her of the lessons taught to her by her parents and the regrets she has for not breaking free of their supremacy over her life. A

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