Family Recovery Essay

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Family Recovery The stages of family recovery are processed in a certain order; which allows the process of recovery a smooth. The recovery process allows the client to opportunity to live out their substance abuse with themselves as well as their family. The family recovery process allows the family to rebuild their foundation for a new start. The recovery process starts with confrontation, which allows client to acknowledge that there is an issue and accepting that fact that the substance abuse has affected their behavior. Accepting the substance abuse issue will allow one to accept counseling. Once, a client has confronted the situation and accepted treatment it is important for the client to attempt to disengage themselves from the substance abuse and the behaviors that re caused or affected by it. Family support is important during the recovery process, however the support does not stop with just family; it is also essential for there to be support from friends. A good support system also has an impact on the family recovery process. When a client is recovery, the recovery process does not just affect the client but those around them are affected as well, which is why there is the community reinforcement and family training. Recovery is a difficult process for the client as well as the family; therefore it is important for the family to have the capability to cope with the effects and side effects that are accompanied with the recovery process. There are instances where a client may have the urge to relapse; the cessations are not eliminated immediately. Therapy is an option in family recovery; therapy sets a pathway which allows the client to maintain change. I believe that the family recovery stages would allow the client in vignette one would be positive. These recovery steps is exactly what the client needs at this point because these client has not
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