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Professional Identity and Career’s Claudia Gonzalez CNSL502 07/25/2014 Barbara Burt James Parker Professional Identity and Career’s: Counselor Our notion of a professional counselor, takes us to the concept of helping other in the form of advice, or guidance. Make us think about a friend, confident, priest, or someone who is willing to hear us without judgment. A professional counselor reminds us of people with personal qualities such as empathy, patience, good ethics, listener, and a well-versed person. These personal attributes play a role to professional identity in counseling. According to Gibson et al. (2010) professional identity development is formed by the integrity of personal attributes and professional training as a counselor.…show more content…
The qualities and skills that they showed to me our qualities that describe a professional counselor. They can be summarized as patience, because counselors need patience when interacting with clients during sessions. Clients need their time to deal and express their situation or feelings whether they may be negative or positive. I personally know that sometimes it doesn’t matter what you say or how you say something what really matters is the meaning behind it or it can be just need to say something out loud so you can hear it. Empathetic and compassionate because you have to believe in what you’re doing and the client has to know you care and understand their issues or…show more content…
They provide treatment and support to client and their families to recover from addiction or to modify their disorder. So they can have a more pleasant satisfactory way of life. To be honest after graduation I can see myself doing any type of counseling I personally want to help people become a better them. The ideal counseling for me would be family therapy. Because I believe that even though you help a member of the family the rest of the family are still in a mindset that can eventually be damaging to the person. And it’s a team, group, family that can help a person or destroy a person. A work setting for a counselor can vary from mental health facilities, social service offices, community facilities, to nonprofit offices and private clinics, or offices. But eventually I would like to work for or have my own private office. So I can have a more controlled

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