Family Intervention Case Study

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Suggested paper structure: Title page (first page) Body of paper (6-8 pages, double-spaced) Reference page (last page) Select either scenario 1 or 2 for your paper and then write your essay to respond to the questions found below the scenario. Assume that you work for a child and family services agency in the family intervention division. Your job is to help families whose children are in state care to rejoin their parents in their home. Scenario 1: James (23-year-old father of two children) James comes to your office as part of his plan for family reintegration. A year ago, his two children ages 2 and 8 were taken from his home because he and the children’s mother were abusive to each other and to the children. Both he and the…show more content…
Jojo was taken from her mother 3 months ago because of neglect, though this client’s problems are different from any of the others whom you have worked with before. Child and family services became involved with Anna and Jojo because of a report made by Jojo’s Head Start teacher that Anna was not feeding Jojo appropriately. In fact, the investigators discovered that Anna thought Jojo was too fat and only fed her water and bananas to help her lose weight. She apparently fed Jojo like this for three weeks before the teacher noticed a change in Jojo during school time. When the teacher noticed that Jojo was rapidly losing weight, she contacted Anna, who told the teacher to mind her own business. Because Jojo continued to lose weight and was hardly able to move during class time, the teacher filed an abuse report for neglect. Jojo was removed from Anna’s care and placed in a foster home. Jojo gained weight and began to thrive in foster care. Whenever she visited with her mother, she cried and ran away from her. There was no evidence of abuse when Jojo was examined by the doctor, but still, it was clear that Anna had some parenting issues. Anna was referred to a psychiatrist for further assessment. It was discovered that she suffered from depression and suicidal ideations as well as an eating

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