Prozac Nation Analysis

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Mental health assignment PROZAC NATION Prozac Nation is a real life story about a 19yrs old adolescent girl (Lizzie Wurtzel) who is faced with separation issues from parent. She goes to college on a prize winning scholarship to study journalism. Her broken family structure of a delinquent father and a fault-finding mother led to her struggle of depression. She is faced with clinical depression, complete with episodes of suicidal behavior, insomnia, self-mutilation, and alcohol and drug abuse. This behavior, not only did it affect her but also the people who cared about her. She started on therapy to decrease her depression level with the drug Prozac which helped her to become a little stable but she had to control her own life to get better. Lizzie had close family and friends who cared about her. But due to her addiction and depression level, she brought a strain on her relationship with them. Family structure was destroyed because parent had separated and she had a single parenting style from the age of 16. This caused a role strain on her mum financially since she had to provide for her college daughter. This made her mum hypercritical for the things she did. She had friends in college whom she was close to. Her boyfriend who introduced her to drugs such as cocaine caused her to become an addict. This destroyed her focus in school, loss of control and functioning and a diminished level of intelligence. The boyfriend had a negative impact on her life. She had a room called Ruby who was very close to her. She would be there to protect her in most situations. But her erratic behavior led to a total loss of trust in her and she ignored her. This caused psychological issues in her life, on the other hand made her realize she is by herself and she had to get better on her own. Her father did not play much role in her life. He was not there for her when

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