Fall of Roman Empire

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The decline of Rome was not very surprising. The Roman empire is the most talked about empire in history. This means that the decline shouldn't surprise anyone, because empires that big are expected to fall sooner or later. The weak army, the infrastructure, Invaders, were just some of the reasons of the decline of the Roman empire. Rome was falling to its knees. One of the main reasons of why the Roman empire declined is because of their Army. Before the year 400 C.E. foot soldiers wore breastplates, helmets, and other kind of armor as well, which was vital for protection of course. But when, because of their carelessness and laziness, ground drills and were abandoned. The army started to feel heavy to them since they started to hardly ever wear it. That negligence, and laziness, led them to asking the emperor to take away the breastplates and next the helmets. So when they went out and fought the Goths they had no protection whatsoever from the head to the chest, and were often beaten by archers. No one tried to replace the breastplates and the helmets. So whenever the Roman soldiers went out and fought in war they were exposed to wounds because of no armor and thus think about running and not fighting. Another good well known reason for the decline of the Roman empire was the invasions made by the many different invaders, especially the huns. Due to the decline in the Roman empire there was barely anyone to protect the Roman empire. The huns were ruthless killers. They had no moral whatsoever and their intent was just to kill. They had the shape of humans but were wild. They were like refugees with no permanent settlement. homes, laws, or even a fixed way of live never existed with the
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