Facebook’s Negative Affects on College Students

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Facebook’s negative affects on College Students “Creating a page on a social-networking site is now a cherished form of self-expression at universities around the world. Students use ad-supported services like Facebook, MySpace, TagWorld and Bebo to make friends, plan their social lives and project their personalities” (Stone, Brown, pg.2). Social networking sites first started with SixDegrees which was founded in 1997, and have evolved to the now popular Facebook, which was founded in 2004 as a social network for Harvard. Modern social networking has expanded from finding and chatting with your friends online to also being able to share pictures and videos with friends and family (Indiana.edu). Although online social-networking is a great way to stay connected to friends and family when kids are away for college, there is also a major downside to using and owning one. When college students post statuses with cursing, pictures of underage drinking or other illegal and disturbing activities colleges and jobs get the opportunities to discover, expel, fire or not accept these students for employment. College students have become so at ease with using social networking sites such as Facebook that they no longer watch or care about what they post and say on these sites. They put up pictures with alcoholic drinks in their hands, statuses about their latest sexual conquests, and videos of themselves or friends doing stupid and reckless things. What these students fail to realize is that once they put something on the internet, it is impossible to erase and will forever be out on there for anyone to see, including future employers and colleges. When these college kids apply for a future job or for graduate school, the first priority that the employers and admissions have in mind is to search the applicants name into Google and see what pops up. They’re going to

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