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Facebook Narcissism Essay

  • Submitted by: wawawawa
  • on March 20, 2012
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      2.1   Background of the study

Nowadays, online social networking sites have achieved high popularity among college and university students. The creation of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 has revolutionized social behaviors and networking practices among these students. Facebook allows user to create a profile, display personal information, upload pictures, access other user’s profiles, collecting online friends, and interacting with those friends through messages, gifts, and other interesting applications.
Morrison (2010) stated that Malaysia is among the largest Facebook users in Asia with over 6 million users online and is continuously growing.   One of the reasons Facebook is so addictive is because it is a convenient way to track the status of friends and their latest activities. From their behavior in Facebook, people’s activities in Facebook were obviously more to self-promotion. O’Dell (2010) also added that they usually updated their profile information that mostly referred to their intelligence in a superior and glamorous way. He also said that on Facebook, their modern self-portraits featured updated daily activities, carefully edited photographs, and lists of their hobbies and accumulated friends that most of them are not really close. They are interactive, inviting viewers not merely to look at, but also to respond to, the life portrayed online. This group of people is called narcissism.
What is narcissism? According to Wikipedia (2011), narcissism is defined as the excessive love or admiration of oneself especially on their physical appearances. These individual have a type of egotism with the need for admiration and exaggerated sense of self-importance.Students mostly get addicted to Facebook and find it as a necessity. What are the benefits of being Facebook narcissism? It is a fact that these social networking is good to connecting people and improve communication barrier. But what are youth opinion regarding this...

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