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Florida International University also referred to as FIU in Miami Florida, is a top-tier research university. They offer a plethora of majors and rank number 5 in the nation for their business program. FIU has 17 varsity sports including my favorite, softball. They are also a part of NCAA Division 1. FIU also has a performance arts program for those who are interested in dance, music, and creative writing. But Florida International University wasn’t always like this. In 1943, the state Senator, Ernest Graham and Bob Graham, the U.S. Senator, presented the state legislature with the initial proposal for the establishment of a public university in South Florida. While his bill did not pass, Graham persisted in presenting his proposal to colleagues,…show more content…
The FIU Panthers football team is a part of the Shula Bowl every year against rivals FAU (Florida Atlantic University). The field they play at is “the cage” that’s painted with gold and blue. They also have NBA hall of famer, Framer Thomas as the head coach of the men’s basketball. FIU has a girl’s basketball team, volleyball team, softball team, and a soccer team. Which all ranked number 1 in the NCAA division. Florida International University has many traditions. FIU has many traditions from student spirit groups, alumni association events and student spirit events. Panther Rage, one of FIU's largest student spirit groups are seen at all the athletics events. FIU also holds many Golden Panther spirit events throughout the year. Some of these include, Panther Camp held in the summer prior to the fall term for incoming freshmen, where students spend a weekend in a retreat center learning all the traditional Golden Panther cheers, chants, traditions meeting other incoming students. Started in 2006, Panther Camp has grown quickly in popularity from only 25 participants in 2006 to over 120 participants in 2007. In 2008, Panther Camp expanded to two camps with a combined total of 240 freshman participants. Panther Camp is expected to grow in size for summer 2010, as the waiting list has continued to double from year to year. Freshmen who participate are more likely to get involved in Student Life than other students. The Schools Alma Mater

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