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WKU WKU is state-supported, co-ed, 235 acre welcoming school. Western Kentucky University provides a premier college experience with excellent academics, variety of athletic programs, and many extracurricular activities in student life. The university was founded in 1906 by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Although some believe the roots reach even farther back into time about 25 years earlier. There are no written records of this unfortunately. As you approach Western Kentucky University, it sits atop a huge view of what is known as the Barren Rivervalley. At this very moment Western Kentucky University is going through major construction and renovation of this great school. The work is supposedly estimated to be costing in the upper hundred…show more content…
The name Hilltoppers comes from the way the school sits above everything else around campus. The men are known as the Hilltoppers while the women are known as the Lady Toppers. The athletic program at Western Kentucky University encompasses 17 varsity teams in 11 different sports. Western Kentucky University participates in Division I athletics in the National Collegiate Athletic Association, which is better known as the NCAA. The individual conference they compete in is known as the Sun Belt Conference. Over the years a heated rivalry has incited, the “Battle of the Bluegrass”. Up until 2008 Western Kentucky University and Eastern Kentucky University would play annually. Western Kentucky also has a heated rivalry with Middle Tennessee State University that has grown over the past couple of years. Most seasons each team field championship caliber teams that add to the fuel. Intramural sports are also a big part of the competitive spirit of those at Western Kentucky University. These sports increase the opportunity for leisure time, fitness, and…show more content…
The housing and residence provides students with a premier living, and learning situation. This will provide each student with the tools needed to succeed at their many goals. Other opportunities given while living on campus are In-hall social & educational programming, student employment, and the M.A.S.T.E.R. plan. There are roughly about 15 residence halls on the campus of Western Kentucky University, 5 of which that are all female and 3 all male. The other 7 residence halls are co-ed. There are two university centers on campus to help any student in need. These centers provide a place to study, recreation, and dining. Greek organizations are also a big part of the on-campus activities at Western Kentucky University. In 1961 the first national fraternities and sororities were allowed to make local chapters at the local university. At this moment there are 31 active organizations with about 1500 participants each year. As students enter their college years at Western Kentucky University they find that there are many opportunities at this great school. From joining Western Kentucky’s student ran newspaper, Talisman the award winning yearbook, The Extra Point is the student ran television sports

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