Eyes Were Watching God Report

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Alexander-O’shea Burros Mrs. Sanyamandwe English II, Period 4 October 14, 2011 Eyes That Symbolize Bamboozled and surprised! Those are the two words that describe my mental state after reading “Their eyes Were Watching God” by Zora Neale Hurston. There are symbols within “Their Eyes Were Watching God” that explains Janie’s situation. Some of the symbols are her hair and the horizon. Janie, Joe, Logan, Tea Cake, “Porch Sitters” and nanny. All play major roles in the effectiveness of the symbols in “Their Eyes Were watching God”. Janie’s hair represents independence and defiance of community standards. In the very beginning of the novel the towns talk of janie’s hair suggest that a woman of her stature has no business wearing her hair down “like she’s some young gal”. Janie walks into town during the middle of the day after returning from a long disappearance wich gets the “porch sitters” Gossiping about the young boy she ran out into the sunset with. Along with the gossip of the young boy she ran off with is the talk of how she is wearing her hair. The porch sitters saying “what dat ole forty year ole oman doin wid her hair swangin down her back lak she some young gal”. The fact that Janie doesn’t wrap her hair even after hearing the gossip proves she doesnt mind much about what other peoples opinions are of her and her actions. Because Janie isnt liked by the town she is constantly criticized by the town. The horizon in “Their Eyes Were Watching God” symbolizes how life goes on no matter how much you think its coming down crashing on you. “ she pulled in her horizon like a great fish net pulled it; from around her waist of the world and draped over her shoulder so much life in its meshes she called in her soul to come see”. Basically shes wrapping all her troubles throwing them over her shoulder and moving. But the troubles are their on her
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