Character "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"

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Assignment 1: Character In Maya Angelou’s autobiography “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”, the readers get to know the protagonist lacks self confidence; however, she is an imaginative and courageous black girl when she is young. First, she lacks self-confidence. On Easter morning, she realizes that her Easter dress is only a white woman’s throwaway, which “[makes her] skin look dirty like mud, and everyone in church [is] looking at [her] skinny legs”. She feels like a second class person. When she moves to St. Louis and sees her mother for the first time, she is struck by her mother’s beauty. She thinks her mother is too beautiful to have children, and that is the reason why her mother sent her away. Marguerite thinks she is a “Black ugly girl”, at the same time, she is a girl full of imagination. She imagines once she puts her dream Easter dress on she will be a sweet little white girl with long and blond hair. She also imagines the conflict between her grandmother and the white dentist Dr. Lincoln after he said he would rather stick his hand in a dog’s mouth than treat Marguerite’s problem. By confronting racism at her very young age, Marguerite proves to be a courageous girl. Mrs. Cullican tries to call her “Mary” just because her real name “Marguerite” is too long , she breaks her white boss’s heirloom china as an act of resistance. During her stay with her father, Daddy Bailey, they go to Mexico, where he gets drunk. Not wanting to sleep in the car, Marguerite drives back to the border successfully, even though she does not know how to drive. Through her experience, readers are touched by the life of a insecure, imaginative and courageous

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