The Bicycle Character Analysis Essay

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The Bicycle Characters In the story “The Bicycle” by Jillian Horton, the author uses the character of Tante Rose to portray the importance of maintaining freedom over major life decisions. The story “The Bicycle” has only a few major characters, which are Tante Rose, and Hannah. Tante Rose is Hannah’s one and only aunt. Since her dream of becoming a famous pianist became jeopardized, she moved on to Hannah. Although Tante Rose is committed to making Hannah a famous pianist, later in the story readers learn that Tante Rose is using Hannah to complete her dream. Tante Rose’s devotion to helping Hannah is shown when she states “Don’t worry about Hannah. I will see that she gets all she needs in this life. I will take care of her.” (Horton 34). However Tante Rose takes…show more content…
You cannot stay with me anymore”. (Horton 38). Tante Rose’s true character can be seen from this statement. This shows Tante Roses selfishness, and expectations. On the other hand Hannah is a devoted young 15 year old, who appears to be very mature and eager to please. At the age of 14, Hannah moves in with her aunt to devote all of her time into becoming a pianist. Her aunt was happy with her move, and continued to teach Hannah. But later on, Hannah became annoyed with her aunt’s rules and breaks them. After her aunt kicks her out of her house, Hannah began to cry and says “Don’t make me go, Tante Rose” (Horton 39). This shows that Hannah still loved her aunt and loved to play the piano. Even though Hannah broke the rules, she still wanted to study and become a famous pianist. However Tante Rose was still furious. Hannah is an eager, kind, and devoted person, while Tante Rose is an arrogant, selfish person who wanted Hannah to become a pianist for her own needs. There are a few minor characters as well. One could think that Hannah’s parents could be major characters, but Hannah’s parents play a few parts in Hannah’s life. Some more minor characters include her brothers,
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