Eyes of a Guide Dog Essay

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On the way to the bus station, there are many people walking dogs and playing around with their dogs. Everyone seems tired and sleepy. In contrast, the dogs are happy and vivaciously jumping towards their masters to get care and love from them. Meanwhile, an old lady chatters to her dog: “ Oh, my little honey. I will take you to anywhere you want. This whole morning is yours; these tress, roads are yours.” Those dogs are like masters and human beings are like their pets. People love their dogs and even purchase expensive food for dogs to eat, and comfortable advanced carpet for dogs to sleep and play. As those dogs are playing around with their masters, a guide dog diligently leads a blind person to walk on safe paths. That blind person sits next to me on the bus, holding the leash that makes sure his dog stays put. The man is really old, but he seems gentle with a gorgeous suit and a pair of leather shoes. He is wearing a pair of glasses with black frame and transparent lens. His eyes open unnaturally and seem artificial. Every time he moves his body, he nods his apologies to me. In the meantime, his seeing eye dog just lies on its master’s shoes, showing its care. For instance, as its master is taking off his coat, handing over his MasterCard toward the guide dog, it understands at once and takes the card into its mouth. After its master puts his coat on the legs, that guide dog moves closer and gives the card back. Although its master cannot see the guide dog, it extends its tongue and docilely gazes at its master. Its mouth partially opens, exposing its long teeth. Its nose is big and triangular and its breathing is regulated. It waves its tail to show his loyalty to its master. Even though he is blind, he is still can see because he has a dog that can see everything for him. During the bus ride, that guide dog always keeps its eyes on the same direction as

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