Candy Of Mice And Men Analysis

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In John Steinbeck’s classic novel Of Mice and Men, Candy lives his life as a lonely man because of him being an old, crippled rancher. After suffering through a great amount of ridicule, Candy, finds himself sad and alone from the other men. Candy deals with a heartbreaking death and cannot work with the other men because he has lost his hand. There are many factors that contribute to Candy’s constant feeling of loneliness. Candy has had his dog for as long as he can remember. His dog provides him with a companion and Candy loves this dog with his whole heart. The smelly, old dog bothers the other ranchers. Without worrying of his feelings his fellow ranchers yell at Candy for the smell, which brings him further away from them. The men cannot stand the odor and laziness of the dog and do not care whether Candy will experience loneliness or not if his animal is killed. After Carlson says…show more content…
Candy lost one of his hands and cannot do the work that the other ranchers do. Candy says, “ I got hurt four years ago…Jus’ as soon as I can’t swamp out no bunk houses they’ll put me on the county” (Steinbeck 60). The ranch has no use for Candy other then the tiny sweeping jobs. The ranchers go out to the field and do work with their hands while Candy stays inside and sweeps. While working on the ranch the men form special bonds with eachother. Candy, who sweeps by himself, cannot have these friendships with the other men because he does not spend time with them. He is all alone with a job for only one. Although the boss was nice enough to let him keep his job, Candy still suffers because of his lack of friends. For fun the men play horseshoes, but Candy is not involved with this game. Candy continues the lonesome feeling because all of the men play together while Candy sits alone. He remains a social outcast and does not fit in with the other men on the
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