Extroverts vs. Introverts

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According to American Psychological Association, “Personality refers to individual differences in Characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving.” Carl Jung’s theory on personality is quite intelligent; his theory “ appears to be random behaviors is actually the result of differences in the way people prefer to use their mental capacities.” Two types of attitudes in personality are Introversion and Extroversion. People who are Introverts tend to spend most of there time alone. They tend to keep to themselves and keep there social circle small. On the other hand Extroverts are very social people. They like to interact with others and fear being alone. So which one are you? Most people want to be known as an Extrovert, but even though they seem great there is down sides to being one to. First lets look at the benefits of being an Extrovert. dictionary.com defines Extroverts as being,” an outgoing, gregarious person.” Extroverts are usually upbeat and have a high self-esteem. They tend to make friends well and can handle being under pressure. Extroverts are crowd people, they love being the center of attention ,and love to get involved. Another benefit to being an extrovert is they learn social skills faster and tend to make their careers and hobbies is outgoing as them. For example, they might make career choices, such as, being a fire-fighter or in the media. They also risk venture like tornado chasing or rock climbing. According to Brainstorm Psychology, “ these career choices keeps their day emotionally rich and keeps them highly engaged mentally also.” While these are very goof qualities to want there are limitations to being an Extrovert to. While Extroverts tend to make many many friends, they do not make many true friends due to not being very good listeners. They tend to loose friends because they have to many. Extroverts also are attention

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