Exsc 205lxg Body Composition Lab Report

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Purpose The purpose of this lab was to asses one’s own body composition in regard to bodyweight. With this lab, one will be able to classify one’s body weight and apply concepts and scientific principles to the various results. To measure body composition, girth, skin fold, bioelectrical impedance, and hydrostatic weighing methods were used. Girth measurements were taken by finding the limb and trunk circumferences with a measurement tape. Skin fold calipers were used to exert pressure on subcutaneous tissue to measure fat in millimeters. The bioelectrical impedance test utilized a handheld machine that sent a low-level electrical current throughout the body which measures total body resistance to estimate total body water. Hydrostatic weighing is based on Archimedes’ principle of water displacement, body volume is measured and used to calculate body density, which then allows us to estimate body fat percentage. Results Attached Attached A. I believe Body Mass Index classifications are an accurate method of body composition, although it does have its limitations. BMI does not take into account anything but height and weight, such as gender, level of fitness, or distinction between muscle and fat. All of these factors could potentially change the classification and level of disease that one falls in. B. My BMI classification was in the normal range and I fell into the average range of associated risk of illness. I do agree with my classification because I do exercise quite 
 regularly and try to maintain healthy eating habits. Therefore I would expect and hope for the results that I received. A. I personally favored the Bioelectrical Impedance Analyzes because I have used it many times over the past year and I generally have received the same results every time. I have taken the test at

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