Personal Wellness and Its Impact on Overall Health

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Mike Mungin Leslie Hellstrom Introduction to Personal Wellness Concepts 10 December 2009 Personal Wellness and Its Impact on Overall Health Personal wellness is an important part of our every day life. Living day to day not knowing what may be ahead is something we all experience, but living day to day knowing you have done all you could to improve your personal health to the best of your ability, can lead you to a more active, productive and gratifying lifestyle. Having a solid social support network, managing your weight and eating habits, exercising regularly, using the mind-body connection for hardiness and reducing your stressors are areas that can help you improve controlling aspects of your overall health and wellness. As most of us know, being physically fit is not an easy task. The older we grow the more our body breaks down. Keeping our body in the best shape we can requires hard work and persistence as we work hard toward the goals we set to gain or stay in the shape we desire. Something as small as vacuuming a room on a regular basis can help you benefit. “Spending 15 to 20 minutes vacuuming a few rooms doesn't count too much, but people who do quite a lot of household chores will eventually reap the benefits in terms of calorie expenditure, fitness and health. It is because housecleaning engages all of your major muscle groups over time this will prove to build strength, endurance, and flexibility” (web page). A particular person’s level of physical fitness is also an essential piece of overall wellness. Physical fitness levels vary by individual. This level can be improved and maintained by regular exercise. Moderate activity will maintain the individual at a level that is usually adequate to handle ordinary stress. If our fitness level is to be improved, however, it is necessary that we participate in more

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