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Dylan Anderson J. Tinsley English 1013 November 3, 2011 Explanatory Synthesis The hot trend of going green is increasing throughout our society. There are many ways people are going green to help our planet and environment. Some issues associated with going green are the ability to achieve energy independence, and the ending of the gasoline engine. However, Robert Bryce in The Dangerous Delusions of Energy Independence and Joseph B. White in Why the Gasoline Engine isn’t going away anytime soon; argue in a perspective that these issues are viewed at by society wrong. Although society presents energy independence as a must, Bryce explains how it is not desirable to become energy independent nor is it even possible. White explains that the gasoline engine is far from its last day. These two experts argue that the ignorance of society is keeping the reality of these issues absent. Bryce and White also touch on how the cost of these issues will keep them from succeeding anytime soon. The two issues also heavily rely on global interdependence, which Bryce and White demonstrate. Going green issues are a major topic in today’s society, but the way we view them may not be accurate or realistic. The ignorance of reality is present throughout a going green society. According to The Dangerous Delusions of Energy Independence by Robert Bryce, it is neither possible nor desirable for the US to become independent of foreign energy. Bryce states, “The inane obsession with the idea of energy independence is preventing the US from having an honest and effective discussion about the energy challenges it now faces.” (203). This comment by Bryce means that Americans have become so ignorant of reality that they have set an unattainable goal. The issue of energy independence needs to be looked at honestly and realistically. Bryce mainly supports this argument by saying, “If the

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