Environmental Injustice of "Clean Coal" Article Review

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Article Review Assignment Week 3 Environmental Injustice Of “Clean Coal” Submitted by Rossetti Christina Romo SOCS 325- Environmental Sociology July 2015 Session DeVry University Online (Tyree&Greenleaf,2009) Describe in the Article and points out the people who happen to affected by environmental injustice of “clean coal” are also the individuals who are vulnerable to the so called “green” advertising that the coal industry has used in their campaign to promote the idea of “clean coal”. Many are becoming aware of how our lifestyle and the way the resources we use are having an increasing negative impact on the environment. The coal companies describe the benefits of clean coal technology and say it is an alternative to reduce the dependency on fossil fuels. However, there isn’t sufficient research or scientific resources to support the development that clean coal is viable energy alternative. Based on the analysis, the results state that clean coal technology will not provide the solutions to the environmental concerns relevant the damage cause by the coal extraction and the production of energy. However, clean coal is a term that implies that the consumption of coal can continue without consequences, especially those detrimental to the environment. The burning of coal in such a method that it would reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, lessening coals environmental impact. There are still are barriers there is not enough evidence to support how long the capture CO2 can be stored, nor is there the necessary technology available to implement on a large scale adoption as well it is not yet cost effective. The increase in coal consumption only benefits the companies as the three main countries who depend on coal are the United States, China and India. While CCS promotes the idea of “clean coal” there also ignoring the huge energy reliance on coal in china
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