Why Nuclear Power Isn't Worth It

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When it comes to Nuclear power, good choices haven't been made. The choices we make now can really affect how much of a threat climate change will be to our world. That's not all we have to think about. There are a bunch of risks to pay a little mind to. These are the reasons Nuclear power just is not worth it. The number one reason Nuclear power isn't worth it, is the price. It is extremely costly. Building the number of nuclear plants that the industry is pushing would cost trillions of dollars. A Florida Power and Light company had an estimate created to see how much a new reactor plant would be. It showed that the price was between $12 and $18 billion dollars for a single product. Paying that much money would not be worth all the risks that come with it. Next is a risk that is a little more dangerous. Nuclear power contaminates water supplies. Around the country, there has been cases of water contamination with radioactive substanves. The worl of mining materials used in some nuclear plants, like uranium and titanium, run a very high risk of water contamination to near rivers, streams, and ground water supplies. This would not be good. It would harm more than it would help. Lastly, the most serious risk is exposure to the radioactive material can be deadly. Through the history of nuclear disasters, there has been many numbers of deaths caused by nuclear power plants. There has also been a number of infertility, health problems, and deadly cancers among people in communites far away from the original site of the power plant. Nuclear power brings more risks and problems, than it does advantages. It is expensive and deadly and could bring serious harm to our world. Regardless of what sort of spin job the industry tries to put on nuclear power, it is bad for the environment, bad for our health, and wrong for
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