Argumentative Essay On Civil Rights

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Kaylee Poole Meredith Little March 16, 2018 Speaking of Equality The Civil Rights Act introduced many rights but also prohibited discriminations of color, gender, and religion. John F. Kennedy proposed The Civil Rights Act in 1864. Kennedy did this hoping he would take hold of the separating the blacks and whites. Blacks gained many great things from this. Such as making it illegal to segregate in the public eye, the right to vote, and educational rights. This had been the goal of the African Americans since slavery was imposed. The Civil Rights Act also did other things as in banning discriminations. There were many questions asked, but there was one specific question that became apparent when The Civil Rights Act…show more content…
However, the opposing side was strongly worried that the United States government was going to have a loss of power. The opposing side had a goal to make the debate drug out as long as possible, by having long speeches about how the Bill angered them. Barry Goldwater stated that he believed that the United States government should not get involved in the employment area because there is “no constitutional basis for the exercise of federal regulatory.” Also stated in this selection Senator Sam Ervin says that it would ruin the relationships with the state and the federal government. Last but not least Senator John Stennis pointed out mainly that citizens should be able to their own businesses or property as that wished upon. (Source 6) Filibusters was another main event that took part in of the passing of the bill. Many people did not even know what the filibusters were. A filibuster is a speech that is drawn out to try to make the opposing side just stop trying to get them to their side. Senator Dirksen described such a powerful speech that caused many voters to stop. Stated in the document, it says that if twenty-seven or more of the senators were to just stop trying the filibusters will stop, but that was not the case. Filibusters were seen in other pasted cases because it was a popular way to try and get others to
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