Explain What You Think Is Needed to Build a Good Relationship Between Parents and Teenage Children Essay

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Explain what you think is needed to build a good relationship between Parents and Teenage children explain why you think this. Over our entire lifetime everyone forms many relationships e.g. friends, family, Husband, wife etc but the most important relationship anyone has is with their parents. In this essay i will be talking about the factors which are needed to build a good relationship between parents and teenage children. “The parent child relationship is one of the longest lasting social ties human beings establish, this tie is often highly positive and supportive but it also commonly includes feelings of irritation, tension and ambivalence.” Says a social researcher. A good relationship between anyone would consist of many things. Trust, is a main factor in a relationship. If there were no trust in a relationship then your relationship would be based on lies. A quote states: ‘A relationship without trust and commitment is like pushing a door that says PULL. It just won't work.’ Another factor is love. Love is one of the most important factors of a relationship. If there is no love in a relationship then what’s the point in having that relationship in the first place. Patience is another factor. Patience In a relationship is always good, if one person is too quick to do something in haste then the other is there to sit down and explain everything. Parents need to be firm and fair because if they are not firm then the teenager would do all sorts of wrong stuff. Also they need to be fair because if for example there is a party that the child is invited to, then parents need to take into consideration that if the child does not attend then the child could feel left out. Every Teenager goes through a dramatic change in their life. That change is obviously puberty. Puberty doesn’t just change a person physically but mentally as well. Teenagers thinking may
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