Understand the Potential Effects of Transition on Children’s and Young People’s Development Essay

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According to Tassoni et al (2012) Transition has several meanings: - change, shift, move, alteration, modification, conversation. Transitions for young people takes a lot of effort, emotionally, physically, socially and cognitive and covers all areas of development. It takes a lot of skill for children / young people to be able handle transition. If this process is not handled correctly it can have a big negative impact on development. Transition starts right from birth and can be defined as any significant stage or experience in their life effecting behaviour and /or development. There are common transitions that affect all children like:- starting school, new teachers, moving to a new class, joining in P.E lessons, playtime, leaving the carpet to go to their desks, puberty, Christmas time in school. There are those transitions that only affect some children / young people such as bereavement, divorce/ parent al split, a new baby in the house, illness, adoption and mental health issues within the family. Children who are in care will suffer and experience social changes some more than others, which will affect their self-esteem and confidence. They may also suffer attachment disorder and trust issues. For children that suffer with transition no matter how big or small it is vital that they are given the opportunity to ask questions and discuss these changes. If your school has the right experienced staff you should be able to put together transition packages that help these children through their transition and lower the risk of any negative behaviour, anxieties, low self-esteem or academic development issues. A Positive relationship through transition for children and young people can help considerably if the child or young person has at least one strong relationship with someone supporting them during this transition process. First we need to

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