Examples Of Racial Discrimination In The United States

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Racial Discrimination and Hispanics in the United States SOC/120- Introduction to Sociology May 6, 2012 Mary Wyllie, MA The discrepancies between different aspects of race are particularly problematic for Hispanics, the fastest-growing minority group in the United States. Although they, too, frequently identify their own race differently than they are seen by others, there is further inconsistency in how…show more content…
Brewer signed into law the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe neighborhoods Act, better known as S.B. 1070- in April 2010, the world was taken aback not only by the State of Arizona’s brazen attempt to regulate immigration at the state level, but also by means it authorized for doing so. By giving state and local law enforcement officials the responsibility to detain persons whom they have “reasonable suspicion” to believe are unlawfully present, the Arizona immigration law was branded “the toughest immigration law in the country”. It was heavily criticized as a law whose enforcement would rely on racial profiling of Latinos and other racial minorities and that would require anyone to produce proof of citizenship to law enforcement officers on demand. Although S.B. 1070 took many by surprise, residents of the state of Arizona and other observers of Arizona State politics are keenly aware that its passage by the Arizona legislature and its signing by Governor Brewer were in the making for the better part of the last decade (Kristina M. Campbell,

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