Argumentative Essay Over Immigration Laws

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Immigration Laws Many Americans continue to debate over immigration and its effects to the United States. Recent bills have passed that allow for state and local law enforcement to have control over immigration laws. Immigration laws should be enforced and controlled by the federal government rather than state and local law enforcement. State government in Arizona passed SB 1070 which allows state and local police to check the immigration status of anyone whom they arrest and allows police to stop and arrest anyone whom they believe to be an illegal immigrant. Such bills go as far as making it a crime if people fail to carry registration papers. Other states that signed similar laws are Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Utah and Indiana. “While court orders stopped enforcement of the law in Arizona, some or all of the new immigration laws are in effect in Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Utah and Indiana, and they've changed things for farmers, businesses, schools, for law enforcement and, of course, for immigrants - illegal and otherwise.” (Conan, Neal). The United States has had…show more content…
For every illegal they arrest and detain, more will enter the country. This mimics a federal law, so it's not lending any credibility to helping out. Rather it will cost more tax money to arrest and detain all immigrants and maintained them in jails until their status is determined. This means more tax money is going into dealing with all immigrants being detained. All these immigration laws have consequences and some are worst than others. A sad one is when families are being separated as a result of all the deportations taking place. From one day to another fear has been brought to thousands of innocent children whose parents have been affected by these laws. Native born kids with immigrant parents are being subjected to being left without parents or having to go back with their parents to their country of
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