Examples Of Persuasive In Julius Caesar

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Gabrielle Casey June 1, 2012 English 10 Honors Period 2 Persuasive Essay Language is a powerful and manipulated flow of words that captures the true and false emotions of people and objects. Through language we are able to use it to get whatever they want. In William Shakespeare’s play, Julius Caesar, he uses persuasive language to capture the audience. Among all the characters in Julius Caesar, Calphurnia and Brutus persuasive in their own ways but Antony’s persuasive technique is what helped him be one of the rulers in the end. Even though women are seen as weak, Calphurnia has an effect on Julius Caesar. Calphurnia is very good with omens and tries to tell Caesar that he should not go to the senate. She tells him that natures against him;…show more content…
He appeals to Brutus as a soft hearted guy only trying to pay respect for his dead friend and not trying to avenge the conspirators. Brutus falls for it, saying “he speaks by leave and permission….It shall advantage more than do us wrong” (3.1.245-249). Pretending to be on Brutus’s side help him to get what he wanted and fuel the audience. During Antony’s speech he used verbal irony to reach the crowd and cover up all the attacks he made against the conspirators. One thing that Antony said sarcastically that got the crow angry was “Let me not stir you up to sudden munity. They that have done this deed are honorable.” (3.2.200-202). What Antony was really trying to was, I want you plebeians to go avenge Caesar death because I cannot do this on my own. After Antony speech all the plebeians were fired up and helped to start a war. Antony persuasion was the most effective because all of the men sided with Antony until the end of the
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