Julius Caesar Conflict Between Mark Anthony and Brutus

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The main conflict in the Julius Caesar play is between Brutus and Mark Anthony, although others are involved such as Octavius, Cassius amongst others they are not as significant. The conflict between these two men arises after the murder of Caesar. Although both men are close friends of Caesar their conflict is to do with different loyalties. Anthony’s loyal to Caesar even after his death as if Caesar is as eternal as Rome, whereas Brutus puts the interests of his countrymen above that of his friend and is a loyal son to Rome. Shakespeare portrays Brutus as a noble and honourable man, who is much loved by the people and senate. Brutus does not join the conspirators for personal reasons but rather for the benefit of Rome as he says “I know …question” (act,2,sc1.11:13) proves he fears for Caesar might become when in complete power. Which is further emphasised by “That lowliness is young ambitious ladder” (act,2,sc1.322) so Brutus is afraid for his countrymen. Brutus’ nobility and honour are further stamped by Ligarius who refers to Brutus as “Brave son, deriv’d from honourable loins” (act,2,sc,1.322) which shows what high position and regards people hold of the noble Brutus. Before Act3 Scene 2 Mark Anthony seems like a bit of a coward and Caesar’s puppet, he lacks confidence as he seems to always agree with Caesar and gives the impression that he doesn’t take life seriously, loves partying and envoy’s the company of women. Not something a brave roman would do in those days. This could have been an act for it most certainly saved his life as Cassius would have had him killed with Caesar but for Brutus who underestimated him and refers to him “he can do….head is off”, (Act,2,sc1,.182:183) where Brutus believes Anthony to be useless without Caesar. Anthony proves to be very clever in the moments after Caesars death and very sneakily convinces the conspirators

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