Examples Of Arrogance In The Iliad

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Djabir Yaya Professor Cindy Linden Legacy of Western Society 9/21/2012 Iliad Essay Homer uses some poetic devices to demonstrate that praising a hero can do nothing, but lead to excessive pride and result in violence. Although, sometime people do things that are above normal standard, but we do not need to glorify them since this lead to conflict in our society. There are many ways we tend to glorify individual; sometime we give them trophies while other time we just considered them as an outliers and heroes. Homer uses simile and metaphor to demonstrate the superiority of his main character Achilles to human being, but make it difficult for modern readers to understand his point. Homer uses metaphor with the purpose of showing his main character arrogance by…show more content…
Most readers found it hard to point out the main point because of the way idea are presented within the text. The author didn’t do a good job with the flow of ideas because in the beginning of the story, he exposed the readers to the main character shame behavior. The main character Achilles refuse to fight with the Greeks because king Agamemnon took the girl (Briseis) that was given to him as a prize for being a great soldier. When asked to go fight the Trojan, Achilles further responded “Well, I’m going back to Phthia now” (page 6). The author shouldn’t disgrace the main character in the beginning of the story if he were to praise him in later part of the story since, this confuse the readers. Furthermore, it make the readers question the way ideas are presented in the text. Compare to the rest of the book, this part doesn’t really flesh out because it show that the main character behave like a little kid, whereas the rest of the text present the main character as hero who acquired glory through fighting for his nation,

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