Examining Group Influences on Behaviour

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PSYCHOLOGY INVESTIGATION: Examining Group influences on behaviour PSYCHOLOGY 7th of March 2014 PSYCHOLOGY INVESTIGATION 2 Abstract PSYCHOLOGY INVESTIGATION 3 Examining Group influences on behaviour The presence and interaction with others can affect us positively or negatively and have a diverse effect on us. It has been proposed that when individuals are in a group with other who hold similar attitudes or beliefs it has a marked and definite effect on our decision making abilities this process is called group polarisation, which is the tendency for decisions made by groups to be far more extreme than decisions made by individuals. On the other hand while our behaviour may become more extreme with like-minded people, it completely changes when we are with people who view the world at a different point of view. Modifying behaviour in response to group pressure is known as conformity. Leadership styles in particular can have a major influence on how individuals behave and how it effect decisions made in groups for example. Autocratic leadership . The effect of this is that it often creates for an unpleasant experience; group members give less effort into completing functions to the best possible outcome In addition the leadership style of Democratic leadership has been found to be the most effective, the influence it has is the leader reserve the right to make final decisions but encourage feedback, ideas, and suggestions from all members of the group usually leaving members feeling satisfied. And lastly is

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