Social Behavior And Its Influences

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Social Behavior and its Influences. By Donald J. Summe PSY105-1003B-09 : Psychology Professor Marilyn Sorensen September , 2010 A 65 year old man falls on the sidewalk in front of his suburban middle class home. A 16 year old neighbor comes out her front door, walks down the sidewalk and steps over the man laying on the sidewalk and continues on her way to her minimum wage part time job. True story. She never paused in her steps, never looked down and she never said a word. Social behavior is a process of communicating yourself to others around you. It is interaction within your species. This paper will be discussing human social behavior, but there are other species that share social behavior traits. There are positive and negative influences on behavior and there will always be those people that don’t fit the norm. An example of this is the girl I previously mentioned. Who among us would not have asked the old gent of he was okay? Who wouldn’t have dialed 911 on their cell, or rang the door bell to let someone know what had happened or even run back home to our house and get help? “In social situations behavior adjusts to facilitate the area around a person. There are influences on social behavior but there is also the persons actions and whether or not these actions are socially acceptable behavior or not". There have been so many studies done on human social behavior, because there are many various behaviors and even more influences, such as genetic, environmental, religious, cultural, financial, educational, the list goes on and on. "Social psychology is the scientific study of how people's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by the actual, imagined, or implied presence of others “ said American psychologist, Gordon Allport, . (Gupta, unknown) When people draw conclusions about behaviors they give it attributions." People do
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