Eva's Transition In The Film Long Beach

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Eva’s Transition There are many way that shows Eva’s interest in education becomes evident throughout the film. At the very beginning Eva’s main focus was making her father proud and staying true to the law of the streets. "When I got my initiation into the gang life, I became third generation. They beat you so you won't break. They are my family. In Long Beach, it all comes down to what you look like. If you're Latino or Asian or black, you could get blasted any time you walk out your door. We fight each other for territory. We kill each other over race, pride and respect. We fight for what is ours. They think they're winning by jumping me now, but soon they're all going down. War has been declared." The only reason she came to school was because of her parole officer threatened to send her to boot camp. In the beginning scene eva and her boyfriend are walking to school and they are soon upon fired on. And on the first day of class she skipped it…show more content…
G soon came up with a game making the kids realize that they all had a lot in common. When Eva went to go visit her father there was a big sign of improvement with her wanting to learn because she stated to explain what was in the book to her father. When Eva tried to give her father thee book he flipped it over and was not interested in her academics. When Mrs.G gives them the assignment to read Anne Frank it piques her interest and she begins to focus more on her academics. She starts actually asking questions and reading the book every night such as "So when's Anne Frank gonna smoke Hitler?" and "Are Anne and Peter gonna hook up?". At the end she has another breakdown telling Mrs.G that she hates her. But this time her breakdown was about Anne Frank dying. She thought it was going to be a princess story were the girls gets everything at the end. When she read that Anne Frank was captured and died at the end it made her think what would happen to her, if Anne Frank couldn't escape neither could

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