The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

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Ten Key Events: Disorder of Life 1. The book started in Chapter 1 with the murder of Wellington. As Christopher discovers the body of Wellington, he becomes mystified. He ends up hugging Wellington as he likes dogs. He is discovered by Mrs. Shears and runs away due to her screaming. 2. Christopher says he has trouble understanding people and their feelings. The police had arrived to take him into questions and when the questions became too much for Christopher, he groans to block it all out. He then gets arrested for assaulting the policeman and his father lectures him when he picks his son up. Christopher does detective work and explains how he finds it confusing when people tell h 3. Christopher wants to prove to everyone that he is far from stupid by taking the A levels math and achieving an A, in which is something extraordinary that no one in his school has done. Therefor he thinks that the other students are stupid. This is important because it shows his ambition to so to a University and get a high paying job. 4. Christopher does more detective work as he meets Mrs. Alexander in the shop and finds out his mother and Mr. Shears were doing sex before his mother died but he isn’t shaken by this at all. 5. Christopher describes how his memory is like a computer, he can fast forward and rewind any moment in his past but when he has his first disagreement with his father they physically clash, he shuts down. He says he had no memory for a short while and it was like someone switched him off. 6. Christopher discovers his mother’s letters when he goes and looks for his notebook. He discovers that his father had kept the letters she had written to him hidden away and lied about her death. He stays silent as his dad tries to explain himself, he just stayed silent. As his father drew the bath, he didn’t hit his father and he didn’t scream;
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