Selling The Chocolates: A Chapter Summary

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This chapter takes place directly after the fight to sell the chocolates. Jerry Renault finally builds enough courage to go to school the day right after the fight, but when he gets to school everyone is looking at him and talking about the fight and how they are all in trouble for the fight only for some teacher told the Dean of Students what had been going on. As the day goes on all of the nerdy kids are looking up to jerry and being thankful to him. But on the other hand all of the vigils and the more popular guys are even madder at Jerry and he just doesn’t understand why or what he may have done. Jerry’s day has been going pretty good other than being beat up the day before. Some kids are being really nice and just almost like…show more content…
Who were the main people in the fight and who were just there to watch the fight go down and egg on Archie to fight Jerry. They will all be getting in trouble no matter what they were there doing, egging on a fight is still the same as being in a fight you are there to support one person or the other, you might as well just fight yourself. Once they decided the fight was not just a way to sell the chocolates, they picked Jerry to bully, so the fight to sell the chocolates only made bullying Jerry 10 times easier, and ok by the school. But what the kids didn’t know was the school was far from making this fight an ok thing. Little did the boys know that they were in for a ton of trouble. The principle suspended them all for a week but not only that trouble, they also were no on Brother Leon’s bad side, and when they will have his class for three more years, that will be the worst punishment yet. Even though Jerry refused to sell the chocolates brother Leon was still willing to protect Jerry and give him a better freshman year. Sophomore year Jerry was the main guy for selling chocolates. Everyone came to him to learn how to get on Leon’s good side, and an easy way to sell the chocolates. After all of the trouble freshman year, the next year Jerry was Leon’s favorite student and was the “mascot” for selling the

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