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A Personal Choice The Chocolate War is a novel written by Robert Cormier. The novel starts off with the introduction of the school’s fundraiser—every student volunteering to sell at least fifty boxes of chocolates—of the all boys’ Trinity High School. Under the direction of Brother Leon, who has become the replaced headmaster, boys are virtually pressured into selling the amount of boxes assigned. However, when a freshman, Jerry Renault, decides to stand against the sales, the whole order of things in the school is demolished. Although it is at first forced upon him as an Assignment from the Vigils, a group feared throughout the school, Jerry later defies them and the sale by continuing to refuse to sell anything. This results in him getting…show more content…
It is mentioned throughout the plot of different characters’ point of view on Jerry’s decision. This is implied in the lines that state, “Wasn’t it crazy to go on refusing to sell the chocolates, particularly after that last warning yesterday by Archie Costello and the Vigils?” (Cormier 176-177) Jerry knew the implications set by others in the school about him, and therefore knew that the Vigils’ view of him wasn’t any better. He realized that going against the Vigils would have some consequences, of which he had no predictions on, yet decided he would risk everything, just so he wouldn’t forfeit his dignity against them. A few were impressed; some were indifferent, while still others were angered by his behavior. This relates to the novel as a whole, because even though Jerry knew that various people viewed him a certain way, he focused on his individuality and didn’t bother to stop and listen to what others thought of him. However, he did know he had to watch his back and be careful because there were more people against him, than those on his side. When he began getting phone calls late into the night, he had tried to ignore them, similarly to how he ignored many peoples’ opinions and comments. In his case, it certainly was very deviant of him to do such a

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